Moon and crescent pendants

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The moon has been a loyal companion or a sibling for the earth since the beginning of time. People living ages ago took a notice of the heavenly body, especially of the moon and sun. For an ancient man these have even seemed as divine creatures. Already hunter-gatherer cultures perceived the dualism of the moon, moon waxing and waning. In agricultural societies massive constructions were built to observe the sun and moon, like stone henges and passage tombs. With the … Read More

Runic inscriptions

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I finally decided to get a grip on myself and write about runic inscriptions because I so often use them in my jewellery. Once I got down to it, I realised that there was a huge amount of stuff I could write about. So, not to make this text too long it is going to be only an introduction to runic inscriptions. Since all may not be familiar with runes I’m going to start with what the runes are. After … Read More

Viking Jewellery Set for Apron Dress

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Last spring I purchased two dresses, one of them is a Viking style apron dress and the other one is an undergown. I’m not good at sewing so I had to order the dresses. But I wanted to make a Viking style jewellery set for the outfit myself. I didn’t want to copy any original finds but was led more by imagination and esthetics.Viking Age tortoise broochesThe very first thing I did was a wish for a Christmas present of … Read More

Chepstow Norman Castle and Medieval Sleeping Habits

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Do you know why they originally used canopies in the Middle Ages? Or where the saying “sleep tight” originates? Or why they slept in a half-sitting position and not lying down like today? Last May I got answers to these questions I even hadn’t realized to ask: I got a chance to visit Cardiff, Wales for a weekend. It is possible to do surprisingly lot of things during a long weekend, even if you suffere from a stomach flu. Among … Read More

Day Trip to Gamla Uppsala Royal Mounds

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The weather was perfect when we headed to Gamla Uppsala, north from Stockholm last June after a day spent in Stockholm. I guess the sun is always shining in Sweden? Except in Nordic noir. I’ve been lucky this rainy summer with trips and happenings what comes to weather. Thank you for the weather gods for that! May a trip to terrible pagan cults, the world of little princes and priestesses begin.Prehistorical central placeGamla Uppsala is located on the north side … Read More

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