Sun cult and sun dancers in the Nordic Bronze Age

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  A summer solstice more than three thousands of years ago. A group of people have gathered by an ancient stone structure to wait for the sunrise. Only the crackling of the burning torches breaks the silence. Little by little space is filled by a low, even ghostly sound. A gigantic horn has been raised and a rhythmic drumming begins. Men in the circle are pounding big drums decorated with red images with their axes. When the first rays of … Read More

Bear Cult and Prehistoric Bear Objects in Finland

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The Birth of the BearThe Kalevala tells about the creation and the birth of the bear:”Otso was not born a beggar,Was not born among the rushes,Was not cradled in a manger;Honey-paw was born in ether,In the regions of the Moon-land,On the shoulders of Otava,With the daughters of creation.”Mielikki, the mistress of the forest creates the bear and makes the teeth out of twigs of pine and fir trees. Knowing the birth of the prey gave a hunter the power over … Read More

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