Stone Age human images in Finland

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(Original article 10/12/2017) Stone Age human images and figurines Stone Age human images or anthropomorphic figurines found in Finland are the images of rock paintings, amber pendants in a form of a human face, clay figurines and some single sculptures or objects representing a human. The Stone Age human and animal images and figurines are usually thought to be related to the beliefs or religion.[:] Ancient religion in Finland The knowledge about the old religions in the area of Finland … Read More

Völva, Iron Age seeress and her magic wand

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(Original article 5/10/2017) As Samhain, Halloween and their Finnish counterpart Kekri are near it is a good moment to get inspired by seeresses, witches and shamans. The seers who could connect to the other worlds and see the future and the past. The North has been full of these sorcerers and seers before Christianity arrived and even after it but with a lower profile. The Stone Age rock paintings in Finland depict shamans and their assisting animals. The Sámi “noaid”, … Read More

Day Trip to Rapola Hillfort and Iron Age Cemeteries

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(Original article 15/3/2017) The historical area of Rapola The historical area of Rapola in Sääksmäki, Tavastia, Finland, consists of Rapola ancient hillfort, several Iron Age graveyards and also manors of Voipaala and Rapola and Sääksmäki church. The last three date back to the 16th century. I visited the hillfort and the graveyards by the hill last autumn. Ancient hillforts in Finland There are about 100 ancient hillforts found in Finland (list of the hillforts in Finnish). Hillforts have also been … Read More

Making rune pendant for the giveaway necklace

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(Original article 31/1/2017) It is time to have a February giveaway. I have made two rune necklaces for the giveaway. You can read about how one of them was made below. The necklace has a pendant with beads and a runic text made out of a copper sheet. 1. Making the blank out of copper sheet First I made a free-hand drawing of the shape on the copper sheet with a permanent marker. You can also buy different shape copper … Read More

Three women of Raseborg castle

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(Original article 24/11/2016) Raseborg castle, located in Western Uusimaa in Southern Finland, is my favorite of the Finnish medieval castles. It was in use for such a short period that there aren’t any quite new constructions and reconstruction has taken place with moderation. However, the round tower has been slender and thinner originally than the current tower restored in the 19th century. While walking on the ruins you can almost feel the ancient souls wandering there when the night falls. … Read More

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